Eubiq products in the wild
Conference table with AU4 adaptors

RH2 installed in a conference table with AU4 adaptors

Multiple installations kitchen

Example of two different installations in a kitchen

Commercial kitchen

SH1 track in commercial kitchen

Study wall

SC2 track on study wall

Kitchen cook top

RH2 in kitchen with blank cover over cook top


RH2 track in kitchen

Kitchen splash back

RH2 in kitchen splash back with blank cover over sink

Entertainment unit

RH2 track and accessories outlets above entertainment unit

Fire and Emergency command vehicle

DMS1 installed in Fire and Emergency command vehicle

DMS1 housing

DMS1 housing with track and data connections

Science laboratory

SH1 track installed in science laboratory

Test laboratory

SH1 track installed in test laboratory

Conference table

RH2 track installed in conference table

Laboratory bench

Track installed above laboratory bench

Classroom portable tables

RH2 track installed in classroom portable tables

Teachers office

VSF1 track on desks in teachers office

Classroom wall

SC2 track installed on a classroom wall


Classroom portable table with the power track installed in the centre

Computer training room

Computer training room with RH2 installed in the desks